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Germany Becomes The Third EU Country To Legalize Cannabis For Personal Use

With a historic vote, Germany has reached a milestone in drug policy by legalizing recreational cannabis for personal use, though without allowing retail sales. Today, Germany's federal parliament, the Bundestag, passed legislation legalizing recreational cannabis for personal use in the country. The bill received support from 407 MPs, while 226 voted against it, with four abstaining. The Bundesrat, Germany's legislative body representing the sixteen Länder at the federal level, will examine t

Czech Republic To Ban HHC Products Amid Child Hospitalizations

The Czech Republic has temporarily banned HHC products amid the hospitalization of dozens of children. The Czech Minister of Agriculture, Marek Výborný, has recently announced that the government has initiated the process of banning HHC products by adding them to the list of prohibited addictive substances. However, local news websites report that the precise start date of the ban remains unclear, pending notification by the European Commission. With this move, the Czech Republic would become

Can Triploid Genetics Be The Game Changer For The Cannabis Industry?

The cultivation of triploid genetics could be the game changer for the cannabis industry, as it promises to deliver higher THC levels, larger yields, faster growth, and seedless flowers. The application of triploids is not a new concept in agriculture. Consuming seedless fruit generally enhances the eating experience for most people. Consider bananas, for instance. Bananas lack seeds because the parent banana tree is triploid, even though pollination normally occurs. Typically, species with a

Florida Lawmakers Approve THC Cap Bill Ahead Of Marijuana Ballot

Florida GOP Senate lawmakers have approved legislation to cap the THC level on adult-use marijuana even though it is still illegal in the state. The move has been made as a preemptive measure to regulate a future ballot initiative ahead of the vote in November, when Floridians will be asked whether they want to legalize adult-use marijuana in the state. The proposal to cap THC, as outlined in SPB 7050, received approval from the state Senate Health Policy Committee on February 6. The measure

Germany’s Government Coalition Reaches Final Deal On Cannabis Legalization

After resolving internal disagreements and making adjustments regarding cannabis legalization in Germany, the coalition government seems to have reached a consensus. The leaders of the so-called Traffic Light Coalition, formed by The Greens, the Social Democrat Party, and the Liberals, announced last week that they have reached a deal on cannabis legalization after disagreements over the details of the proposed legislation. The bill will be voted on this month, with the aim of the legalization

Why Does The U.K. Want To Ban Disposable Vapes?

The U.K. is taking steps to ban disposable vapes in an effort to protect children’s health, responding to the rising use among teenagers. British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced on Monday the plan to ban disposable vapes to protect children’s health. Even though selling any vape to individuals under 18 is already prohibited, the government believes that the disposable nature, diverse flavors, and distinctive appearance of recently introduced products in the U.K. market are significant fac

One-Third Of U.S. Cannabis Users Would Turn To Illicit Market If Feds Limit Access To Pharmacy Only Sales, Poll Suggests

If marijuana were rescheduled without maintaining state-legal marketplaces, about one-third of users across the country would return to purchasing from the illicit market, according to a new poll., a platform for medical marijuana doctor evaluations, surveyed nearly 800 users and revealed that 32% of them would opt for the illicit market if marijuana were rescheduled and made exclusively available through prescription drugs from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In the scenari

New York To Issue Regulations For Growing Marijuana At Home

New Yorkers will soon have the legal right to cultivate adult-use marijuana at home under the 2021 legalization legislation. While the vote to kickstart the process of regulating home growing was initially scheduled for Wednesday, the Cannabis Control Board has postponed the proceedings to likely February's meeting. Nevertheless, New York regulators have released a preview of the proposed regulations. These regulations, designed for adults growing marijuana at home, will undergo formal consid

Florida To Vote On Marijuana Legalization On 2024 Ballot, DeSantis Suggests

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has stated that the Supreme Court will approve the initiative for adult-use marijuana initiative, which potentially can pave the way for the state to vote on legalization in the 2024 ballot. If approved, the marijuana legalization initiative will be featured on November's ballot alongside the Presidential elections, with Florida potentially joining over 24 U.S. states that have legalized adult-use marijuana despite federal illegality. Days before withdrawing from the

New Study Explains Why Cannabis Causes The ‘Munchies’

While the ‘munchies’ may be the most enjoyable aspect of using cannabis, there is limited understanding of how it works. However, a new study has discovered some of its mysteries. The term ‘munchies’ indicates an enhanced appetite or food cravings that people may experience after using cannabis, especially strains with high levels of THC, the primary compound in cannabis. This phenomenon has consistently played a role in the cannabis experience and culture, even making its way into movies and T

Germany’s Cannabis Legalization Plan Faces Criticism Within Government

The bill to legalize adult-use cannabis for personal use in Germany is facing criticism from part of the coalition government. While Germany may become the third European country to legalize cannabis for personal use by this year after revising the initial plan that included the establishment of a legal market, interior ministers of the federal states have objected to the bill due to concerns about the potential burden it may place on law enforcement. The conference of federal state interior m

Czech Republic Unveils Cannabis Legalization Plan Without Legal Market

The Czech Republic has disclosed its plan to legalize adult-use cannabis, but it seems there is no room for the establishment of a legal market. Czech local news media outlets have reported that the bill aiming to legalize adult-use cannabis in the Central European country won't include regulations for the legal market. The English-language media outlet reported that the Czech government on January 10 presented a draft of a cannabis regulation bill. However, the bill didn't mention t

Cannabis Boosts Enjoyment In Exercise But Not Performance, Study Finds

Using cannabis before exercising may enhance motivation and increase enjoyment during physical activity, but if performance is the goal, it might not be recommended. As the relationship between the use of cannabis and physical activity is one of the new fields that scientists are exploring due to the ongoing legalization reforms in the United States and beyond, researchers from the University of Colorado recently published a study in the Sports Medicine journal aimed to investigate the immediat

Thailand's New Government To Ban Cannabis For Recreational Use

Thailand's cannabis landscape may change soon as the Southeast Asian country is to ban recreational use of cannabis. The new Thai government has introduced a bill to amend the current cannabis legislation in order to ban the recreational use of cannabis after decriminalization has led the country to flourish cannabis stores around the country. Health Minister Cholnan Srikaew signed last weekend a bill to amend the current cannabis legislation, emphasizing that it can't be used recreationally,

Barcelona City Council Threatens To Shut Down Cannabis Social Clubs

Barcelona might no longer be a leading destination for cannabis enthusiasts since the City Council is considering tightening regulations on access to cannabis social clubs. The concept of cannabis social clubs has drawn numerous locals and tourists to Barcelona over the years, who seek a legal way to consume cannabis rather than supporting the illegal market, especially since adult-use cannabis remains illegal in Spain. But now, the City Council is exploring ways to legally close cannabis soci

Why Did DEA Warn Georgia Pharmacies Not To Sell Medical Marijuana?

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration has warned pharmacies in Georgia that distributing medical marijuana is against federal law, posing a setback to efforts to broaden access to medical marijuana in the state. Georgia faced a setback shortly after becoming the first state in the nation to allow the practice. Pharmacies in Georgia had geared up to distribute medical marijuana in accordance with state laws. However, federal authorities stepped in, halting the entire initiative. News outlets

Ukraine Legalizes Medical Cannabis Amid War With Russia

You'll be asked to sign into your Forbes account. Ukraine's Parliament has approved the draft law that legalizes the use of cannabis for medicinal, industrial, and research purposes. In a historic move, the Ukrainian Parliament, also known as the Verkhovna Rada or simply the Rada, adopted draft law No. 7457 on the legalization of medical cannabis in its entirety today during its second reading. The document received approval, with 248 MPs voting in favor of its adoption. The draft law had pre

Netherlands Starts Selling Legal Cannabis Amid Pilot Program

The Dutch cities of Tilburg and Breda have officially launched the sale of legal cannabis as part of a pilot program, aiming to experiment with sales in the country. Nine months after the initial announcement, today, on December 15, the two municipalities officially began selling legal cannabis products as part of a program to experiment with the legal sale of cannabis in the Netherlands. Contrary to the general perception, cannabis is not technically legal in the Netherlands. Instead, the gov

Colombia’s Senate Sinks The Proposal To Legalize Cannabis Once Again

The Colombian Senate has, once again, rejected the proposed legislation aimed to legalize adult-use cannabis in the country. The proposed legislation faced a setback in the Senate on December 12 during the plenary session in its attempt to regulate the adult use and commercialization of cannabis. During the plenary session, a proposal to archive the bill submitted by Senator Karina Espinosa from the Liberal Party right before the formal debate began received 45 positive votes. Following the vo

Governors Urge Biden To Reschedule Marijuana By The End Of This Year

The governors of six states have jointly written a letter to President Joe Biden, urging him to ensure marijuana is rescheduled by the end of this year. The letter, signed by the governors of Colorado, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, New Jersey, and New York, emphasizes that rescheduling marijuana, as outlined in the document published on December 5 and initially reported by Marijuana Moment, would bring economic and tax advantages for marijuana businesses. Additionally, it highlights the potent
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